Trail Fund NZ Merino Riding Socks

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In stock and shipping! We designed these new socks so that mountain bike trail users can support trails all around NZ and look cool at the same time. Need to hear more before you decide? Here are three reasons to order the new Trail Fund socks:
1. 100% of the profit goes to supporting NZ mountain bike trails - wear them with pride.

2. Proven technical design made with 70% merino wool and made in NZ. They are soft, durable, stylish and less stinky.

3. Limited edition design. We don't plan on doing more than a couple of runs of these so grab yours so you don't miss out. 

A big thank you once again to Adam Errington of Cluster Creative for sorting out the design of another great product. 

Note: Sizing of this product is based on men's shoe sizes and not women's so take that into account when figuring out which size to order!

Order some now and support volunteer trail builders all around NZ.