Additional Funding Sources

While we love nothing better than to give out $$ many projects have financial requirements well beyond the means of Trail Fund NZ alone or sometimes the timing just doesn't work!

So we figured it would be a good idea to help projects track down additional funding sources other than ourselves and our our good friends at the Ground Effect Slush Fund.

While the following list isn’t exhaustive it might give you a few more ideas of place to go looking funding, so get in there!


Transpower CommunityCare Fund

  • Got powerlines over your trails? Then this could be a good one for you!
  • Assists communities affected by Transpower assets and projects by investing in community based projects that “add real value and benefit to the community as a whole”.
  • Eligibility: any independent local, non profit organisation or community group, non-government organisation, charity institution, regional or district council.
  • Has previously provide $35,000 to a Wellington based community trails project (Brooklyn Trail Builders, a sub-project of the Wellington Mountain Bike Club).

Will consider funding for:

  • projects in close proximity to the grid and who are affected by Transpower assets (transmission lines, towers and substations), maintenance works or projects.
  • one of projects between $5000 and $50,000.
  • lasting projects that benefit the wider community.
  • projects that have a high level of community involvement and participation
  • committed projects that have already raised some funds from other sources.

Sargood Bequest

  • Trust makes grants to projects and activities in the children and youth, cultural, sports and outdoors, educational and environmental areas with a focus on access, participation and inspiration.
  • Favours projects to which funds are specifically targeted.
  • Up to $5000.

Jetstar Flying Start Programme Grant

  • For not for profit community groups who are seeking funding to help enhance the lives of people in their local community and can be classified as a [sporting group or organisation].
  • Grants consist of $15,000 in cash and $15,000 worth of travel with Jetstar.

Harcourts Foundation

 Fonterra GrassRoots Fund

  • Focus on rural communities where Fonterra’s staff, shareholders, suppliers, and their families live and work.
  • Applications must fall into one of three areas: bringing communities together; caring for the environment; making our communities safer.
  • $500-5000 granted per application.

ActivePost (NZ Post grants)

  • Goal is to get more New Zealanders active.
  • Have a few partners (eg NZ cricket, hockey, Water Safety, Bikes in Schools). Want to expand over time to support broad range of programmes and activies.
  • Recently provided funding to Trail Fund NZ via their “Community Post” program to help us drive membership! Thanks NZ Post.


  • Funds various individuals and organisations (eg Rescue Helicopters, Sir Peter Blake Trust, NZ Fashion Week)

KPMG Sponsorships



 NZ Community Trusts

  • non profit group incorporated as a charitable organisation or association promoting charitable purposes.
  • request must be for future spending not for expenditure already incurred.
  • funds must be spent specifically for the purposes approved by NZCT.
  • Multi year funding available in certain circumstances.

 Relevant factors the NZCT will take into account:

  • prefer not to fund an organisation’s standard operating costs (eg rent or power).
  • the Committee will consider the ‘outcomes’ expected from funding and how these outcomes are measured.
  • whether the grant is going towards the organisation’s main priorities – preference for ‘must haves’ rather than ‘nice to haves’.
  • other activities the organisation is doing to meet its financial targets.
  • how the organisation is making a positive difference in the local community.

Note: Not entire clear whether building trails qualifies as sport related expense.

Trusts Community Foundation

  • Distributes funds generated from gaming machines.
  • Funds non-profit community groups (including for purpose of sport and recreation).

Lottery Community Grant

Lottery Minister’s Discretionary Fund

  • Funding for projects that fall outside the scope of other Lottery distribution committees.

Pub Charity

  • Funds charitable body/non-profit organisations.
  • Must be a Pub Charity venue operating in the region which is seeking funding.
  • Funds within specified donation distribution groups (including sport, recreation, leisure).
  • No upper limit.

Southern Trust

  • Funds charitable, philanthropic, or culture purpose, or any other purpose that is beneficial to the community or any section of it.
  • No upper limit.


Wellington City Council Social and Recreation Fund

  • Supports projects that contribute to Council’s strategic direction.

Auckland Council (West) Facility Partnership Fund

  • Open to community groups with facilities in the Henderson-Massey, Waitakere, and Whau local board areas.
  • Objective is to assist development of accessible, multi-use community facilities (including those with the purpose of sport, recreation, community development) with an emphasis on maximum use, increased community participation.
  • Should be a partnership project with multiple funders, have a total value over $50,000.