Partner with Trail Fund

Trail Fund NZ is a not-for-profit project supporting the development and maintenance of publicly accessible, environmentally sensitive and sustainable mountain-bike accessible trails in New Zealand. To achieve this, we are working together with the business community and individuals who see value in this cause.

Mountain-bike trails benefit communities, domestic tourism and the business sector. Currently, the development and maintenance of these trails is primarily volunteer-led. Therefore, it is Trail Fund NZ’s aim to create a greater pool of resources to support both local and regional trail projects.

To achieve this goal, we are actively seeking business partners that are willing contribute financially or by other means to Trail Fund NZ. Examples of the kind of outstanding support the project has received so far include cash donations, selling branded merchandise on behalf of Trail Fund NZ and support in kind such as advertising and creative input.

Without this support of its business partners, Trail Fund NZ wouldn’t be possible. Over the past four years we've had support from a wide range of organisations including including the Department of ConservationCamelBak NZSouthstar ShuttlesMTB Skills Clinics, Kinloch Store, Burkes CyclesFloyd’s Cafe, Cluster CreativeSpoke MagazineNew Zealand Mountain BikerHousemartin / Sven Martin Photograph, Just MTBCactus Equipment and Revolve Cycling.

The more support Trail Fund NZ receives, the more support we can provide to trail projects!

Trail Fund NZ is an increasingly recognised brand throughout the New Zealand mountain bike community and is accompanied by a positive image. Additionally, it is building a strong online following through Facebook, Instagram and the Trail Fund NZ website. 

As a result, Trail Fund NZ can support its business partners through social media channels and within community by positively associating them with trail development and the high-growth mountain-biking segment of the cycling market.

We welcome all enquiries or and appreciate any suggestions. If you’re already thinking about becoming a partner, thank you!