Projects like Trail Fund NZ don’t happen without lots of help and support from other generous organisations. Here’s a few of the key contributors so far to the project, be sure to say “thank you” to these organisations when you have the chance by supporting those who support trails.  

CamelBak are one of the original MTB brands and known for its hydration products, including hydration packs and water bottle. CamelBak NZ has provided generous support for Trail Fund NZ since 2014 with a custom Trail Fund NZ CamelBak Podium® bottle and you can order yours here. All the costs associated with the manufacturing of the product have been met by CamelBak and all proceeds go to supporting trails around New Zealand! Awesome.

Licence to Ride is the manual and website for people who like to get out and explore on two wheels. Stu and the team came onboard to support TrailFund NZ in 2014. That means that every copy of the Manual that sells each year contributes $1+GST to Trail Fund New Zealand. Grab your copy this season and know that it will mean more money for trails when you grab one this coming season!





Adam and his team at the branding agency Rebrand in Wellington are as much a part of the founding team as anyone. Rebrand have given countless hours of time and talent to create the Trail Fund NZ brand as well as advise on strategy and marketing, all without any expectation (or hope) of monetary reward. The fact we have a great logo, cool hoodies, t-shirts, a rad drink bottle design, bike stickers etc. is all down to the work that the Rebrand team have put into our brand. If you need design help (and let’s face it, we all need a little more in that department) be sure to visit the Rebrand team online and see what great things they do. Can’t recommend them strongly enough. Thanks Adam.

Michael and the team at Just MTB have the pleasure of showing riders some of the best mountain bike trails our country has to offer. So it's no surprise that they support Trail Fund NZ through our 1% for Trails programme. That means every tour puts some money back into the trails as well as smiles of their clients faces. If you have mates coming to NZ to ride, or you just want to have someone else sort out the details of your next riding holiday give Mike and the team a call.

Probably the best investment you can make in your riding: better skills. Whether you've been riding for 25 years or 25 minutes MTB Skills Clinics can help you have more fun on the bike and do it safer. And Chris and his team are also supporting Trail Fund NZ through our 1% for Trails programme so you'll be helping put something back into the tracks you ride. Win / win. 

Dinniss Communications are a Wellington-based communications and public relations firm. Marty and his team are great supporters of Trail Fund NZ and have not only provided a cash donation to help support trails but are also providing in-kind writing skills to help us get out stories about Trail Fund NZ supported projects around the country. That’s a huge help and we really appreciate the help from Marty, Meagan and the whole team.


Housemartin is Anka & Sven Martin and while they are relatively recent arrivals to New Zealand they are already a big part of the riding scene here. They have kindly taken time out of their busy schedules to help Trail Fund NZ with world class photography including the hero shot on the front page of our website. If you want to ride some of the best trails NZ has to offer you can’t do better than a trip with the Housemartin team.

Carl, easily one of the nicest guys in the mountain-bike industry in New Zealand, and the rest of the team at New Zealand Mountain Biker Magazine, have got right in behind the project with free ad-space, column inches to help us tell our story and provides us a regular column on all things trails. You can find them on the web and in your local bike shop or bookstore.

Sweet Cheeks NZ make the most amazing products for your rear end. That's right, natural chamois creams made from the highest quality NZ Beeswax, herbs and essential oils - simple, effective, and healing. Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter, Super Balm and Hot Cheeks are all hand made in Wanaka by the founder using natural products sourced from NZ whenever possible. Your bum will thank you and so will the trails thanks to their support for our 1% for Trails programme! You can also buy Sweet Cheeks products direct from Trail Fund NZ via our online store